Mole Valley Farmers has launched a new service for its dairy farmer customers, offering them consultancy support when designing new housing systems or refurbishing existing ones.

It is partnering with the Dutch vet consultancy business Vetvice to provide the new MVF Barnvice service. Vetvice was established by the joint CowSignals founders, Joep Driessen and Jan Hulsen. It draws on the CowSignals team’s experience of observing cow behaviour on farms around the world to design buildings that suit the animal’s needs.

MVF has invested in recent years to train its staff in CowSignals, and claims to lead the UK in the number of CowSignals certified trainers.  Barnvice aims to build on this by offering farmers a complete support package when designing and building state-of-the-art dairy housing delivered through Vetvice building consultants.

“The Barnvice partnership means farmers can ensure any new build or modifications to existing sheds are made with the cow in mind, to promote health, well-being and ultimately, performance and profitability,” says MVF head of sales Mark Cox. “We can offer a turn-key solution and do everything for the farmer, whether that’s the building itself or materials to enable it or help with planning – we can do it all. We can also offer support afterwards to help farmers maximise performance using our expert CowSignals trained nutritional team.”