The Maltsters Association of Great Britain’s Malting Barley Committee’ Spring 2017 meeting has revised the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD)’s Approved List of barley varieties for growing in 2018, following results from its varietal testing system.

Laureate (Syngenta) has been given full approval for brewing and malt distilling use, with Sienna (LG Seeds UK) and KWS Sassy (KWS-UK) given full approval for malt distilling use.

The winter barley Craft (Syngenta) is promoted to provisional approval 2 for brewing;   Fairing (Syngenta) promoted to provisional 2 for grain distilling and Chanson (Elsoms Seeds) given provisional 1 for brewing.

Belgravia (LG Seeds UK) is removed for malt distilling list, but remains on the grain distilling list, while Olympus (also LG Seeds is removed from the grain distilling list where it had provisional approval 2.

“Laureate is the highest-yielding spring barley on the current AHDB Recommended List to have full approval in both the brewing and malt distilling markets”, notes Syngenta seeds and seedcare campaign manager, Mark Bullen.

“Recent years have seen a yield gap between varieties for brewing and varieties for distilling. The industry has definitely moved back to wanting single varieties suited to both markets, and Laureate puts growing for distilling back on a more equal yield footing with growing for brewing. It is a real breakthrough for growers,” he adds.

Chanson, a newcomer to the AHDB 2017/18 Recommended Lists was bred by Saaten Union and combines Null- lox malting quality with high yield, characteristics that Elsoms Seeds says “could initiate a fundamental change in the barley used by maltsters for the brewing sector”.

The full IBD list is available via the webpage.