Dr Elizabeth Magowan, the new director of the sustainable agri-food sciences division at Northern Ireland’s Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), has won the 2017 Sir John Hammond Award.

 Dr Elizabeth Magowan and Dr Sinclair Mayne

Dr Elizabeth Magowan and Dr Sinclair Mayne

The annual award is given by the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) to a UK animal scientist in their early to mid career, in memory of UK animal scientist Sir John Hammond, who pioneered the technology of artificial insemination. Dr Magowan’s award recognises her work in the area of pig research and her efforts in working with industry to deliver practical advances for pig farmers.  

In her acceptance speech, Dr Magowan thanked the pig research team at AFBI Hillsborough, as well as the funders of the pig research programme: DAERA; Pig Regen; Devenish Nutrition; and John Thompson and Sons. She is the latest of four individuals who have carried out work at AFBI Hillsborough and who have won the Sir John Hammond Award: Dr Sinclair Mayne, Dr Alistair Carson and Dr Tim Keady.

Dr Magowan took up her role of director of sustainable agri-food sciences at AFBI earlier this month, succeeding Dr Sinclair Mayne, who is now AFBI chief executive.

Commenting on her new post, Dr Magowan said: “There are many funding opportunities currently available for AFBI, which will enable the organisation to increase its impact both locally and internationally. AFBI have a strong track record of working closely with industry to deliver research that has created step changes for farmers and supply chains. I am looking forward to working with AFBI scientists and stakeholders to further increase AFBI’s reputation as a preferred provider for scientific services to support the local and international agri-food and fisheries sector.”