Two of the world’s leading chemical companies have agreed to collaborate to develop a new fungicide active ingredient. BASF and Sumitomo say they are to deliver a novel fungicidal compound to farmers around the world.

The new compound, which was discovered by Sumitomo Chemical, shows high efficacy for the control of major plant diseases, including those that have developed resistance to other fungicides. No additional terms and conditions of the agreement have been disclosed.

“Together with BASF, we will be able to provide more growers with the opportunity to experience the benefits of this new fungicide, which will play an important role in the resistance management of difficult to control plant diseases,” says Ray Nishimoto, Sumitomo Chemical’s representative director and senior managing executive officer, president of health and crop sciences sector. He continued: “Through this partnership, we show our commitment to sustainable agricultural production.”

Mr Nishimoto was speaking during the official signing ceremony in Germany. Marcus Heldt, president of BASF’s crop protection division, commented: “Farmers want to grow healthy crops and sustainably supply the increasing demand for food and fibre. This strategic co-operation between BASF and Sumitomo Chemical demonstrates the two companies’ commitment in investing in solutions to help farmers manage their business.”

BASF and Sumitomo intend to separately develop unique formulations with the new compound to complement their portfolios. The companies’ formulations will be commercialised once registrations and regulatory approvals are complete, and registration submissions in major markets are planned from next year onwards. Both businesses intend to make their products available worldwide.