As the European Commission begins preliminary discussions on the next Common Agricultural Policy reform package for the 2020-27 period, the Agri-Food Coalition of 11 EU sector trade associations has put forward its broad wish list for the revised policy.

A well-functioning and competitive agri-food sector, providing safe, nutritious and high quality agricultural products, and sustainable, affordable food produced in the EU benefits all European citizens, it states.

Therefore the CAP must support European agriculture to deliver these high quality agricultural products as well as public goods and services. A viable rural environment and stable employment for the 40 million people working in the agri-food chain is necessary to continue to generate growth and jobs in the EU.

There is scope to further coordinate and develop synergies with other policy areas such as research and the digital single market, in order to facilitate the uptake of new advances and innovation, particularly new information and communication technologies (ICT) and broadband.  These will strongly contribute to growth and development in the agriculture, and improve the competitiveness and resource efficiency of the entire food chain.

Finally, a balanced approach to sustainability in the three CAP three pillars – economic, environmental and social – will help the agri-food chain deliver climate-friendly products whilst meeting EU climate and energy targets.

Evolving in this way will help the CAP to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the coalition concludes.