Crop protection specialist Certis has engaged Tim Eaton as key account manager for seed treatments. Mr Eaton’s career includes working at Anglia Grain Services for 12 years, and he has a vast knowledge of the seed treatment sector.

In his new post, Mr Eaton will work with major customers across Certis’s seed treatment portfolio and elsewhere in the sector. He has already been involved in planning new trials that will start this autumn.

“I’m excited to join a dynamic and forward-thinking team, and to be responsible for an established and key product such as Latitude in a commercial and technical role,” he says.

“In my new role I will continue to work closely with the extensive network I’ve established with seed processors, merchants and farmers, over the years. I hope that this will help to further develop communications and links between Certis and its seed treatment customers.

“This is an exciting time for the company as it develops its arable portfolio further. I look forward to developing Certis’s seed treatment portfolio, by bringing more products to the market, some of which are already in the pipeline.”

“We will be putting Latitude trials in the ground this autumn and as a result of this, next harvest we’ll have the latest data, which we can share with our customers to help drive crop management decisions.”