The Dutch natural crop protection specialist Koppert Biological Systems will celebrate its fiftieth birthday next month with a royal visit.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will open Koppert’s Experience Centre at its Berkel en Rodenrijs headquarters in Holland on Thursday September 14. The visit coincides with an international anniversary seminar organised by the company. Koppert Biological Systems has designed the new information centre to give visitors interactive access to its research, development and production processes.  

Koppert Biological Systems began when cucumber grower Jan Koppert had problems with pests in his crops. He and his son searched for a natural solution to pest control, and used predatory mites to combat a spider mite infestation. This experiment was successful, and the company now looks for crop protection solutions in nature to help make products that can be used by professional growers across the globe, while also focusing on improving soil quality.

Today, Koppert it is an international organisation with 25 subsidiaries, including one in the UK. As well as providing over 40 natural enemies to control harmful insects, the business supplies microbiological solutions and bumblebees for the sustainable production of agricultural and horticultural crops.