Manufacturer of pest control products Lodi UK is warning suppliers and users of professional-strength rodenticides that purchasers must have the correct certification if they wish to continue to use the products.  Lodi has launched a free website to train users in the best practices of rodent control to gain certification approved by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU).

At present, a non-professional rodenticide user can buy professional-strength rodenticides in pack sizes of up to 1.5kg, while a professional user can purchase them in pack sizes up to 20kg. After March 1st 2018, non-professionals will not be able to buy anticoagulant active substances above 30 parts per million (ppm). Options for anyone without CRRU-approved certification will be to use a professional pest control company with CRRU-certified technicians, buy smaller pack sizes or achieve CRRU-approved certification.     

Roger Simpson, managing director of Lodi, says: “This is a major issue which will affect many in the rural community, who currently purchase professional-strength products, classified as those which contain 50ppm of anticoagulant rodenticide active substances. It is therefore important that they are aware of the forthcoming changes and how to obtain the certification required to continue purchasing such products after that date.”

The online training offered by Lodi includes the required reading material regarding the correct use of rodenticides. The website, at, is easy to use and provides all the information necessary to pass the LANTRA exam in rodent control on farm. Once all the sections have been completed, users can click through to the LANTRA site and take the multi-choice exam. Once applicants have passed the exam, they receive a PDF certificate that can be presented to merchants when buying professional-strength rodenticides.

Mr Simpson comments: “We are delighted to offer this free learning facility, which will enable those in the rural community to ensure that they have the required certification by the time the new directive comes into force next year.”

More information is available from Lodi UK on 01384 404242 or