Feed manufacturer ForFarmers is offering its support and technical expertise to a Dutch organisation, Agriterra, which works to improve the agricultural economies of emerging countries by establishing and improving farmers’ organisations and co-operatives.

Under the agreement, ForFarmers’ staff can participate in Agriterra advisory assignments and training programmes in Africa, Asia and South America, on a part annual leave, part company time basis. The assignments typically last for 1-2 weeks, and allow employees working in teams to use their knowledge and expertise to help with advisory issues at agricultural co-operatives that Agriterra supports in developing nations.

Agriterra was founded in 1997 by a number of Dutch agricultural and horticultural organisations. Its objective is to drive economic growth and end rural poverty by supporting farmers’ organisations and co-operatives in emerging markets with knowledge and organisational advice, particularly in the sustainable production of meat, eggs and dairy products.

ForFarmers says Agriterra’s objectives and approach are closely aligned with its own three key values of sustainability, partnership and ambition.