Genus ABS, the cattle genetics division of Genus plc, has launched Sexcel Sexed Genetics, sexed bovine semen designed to help dairy herds across the world manage the proportion of calves born to each gender.

The launch follows Genus’s obtaining an injunction in North America after a lawsuit with Inguran, operating as Sexing Technologies (ST), which had delayed Genus’ plans to start its own sexed semen operation.

The injunction was granted by the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, after a 2016 jury had found that ST had wilfully maintained monopoly power in the market for sexed bovine semen processing in the US since July 2012.

Genus says the Sexcel product is separated by a novel proprietary technology that does not use high pressures, electric currents or other forces, says the company. This results in a superior sexed genetic product that will help customers maximise profitability. Figures from ABS Global’s Real World Data suggests that Sexcel achieves a 90% relative conception rate when compared to conventional semen, and a higher relative conception rate than other sexed semen.

“Our research has shown that our customers are seeking a stronger line-up of sexed genetics and Sexcel brings that to the marketplace,” sates Olivier Hiers, global sexed genetics brand manager at ABS Global. “Our ground-breaking technology helps farmers fast forward their genetic progress. It enables their elite heifers to produce the replacement animals they want, while also providing farmers a choice of sexed genetics tailored to their specific needs, including calving ease, milk production, feed efficiency, reduction in disease risk, or any number of genetic traits.”