Bayer Crop Science and German multinational engineering company Bosch are to collaborate in a three-year research agreement to develop Smart Spraying technology with the aim of increasing herbicide application efficiency.

Bosch’s research is focused on sensor technology, smart analytics and selective spray systems. Bayer will add its experience in geographical information systems (GIS), including the development of algorithms to aid agronomic decision-making; integrated pest management; and formulation and application technology. The businesses will unveil the Smart Spraying concept at this year’s Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover, Germany.

“We want to venture together with Bosch into new territory, combining different technologies to ensure that herbicides are only applied in areas where they are really necessary,” says Tobias Menne, head of digital farming at Bayer. “Smart Spraying provides sustainable weed control. It protects the harvest and is environmentally compatible at the same time,” adds Markus Heyn of the Robert Bosch management board.