The Society of Feed Technologists’ 2017 pig conference takes place at the Windmill Village Hotel, Coventry on Thursday November 2nd.

Chaired by ABN’s Dr Steve Jagger, the speakers include the University of Alberta’s Prof Ruurd Zjilstra on fibre and starch digestion; AB Vista’s Dr Peter Wilcock on alternative strategies for copper and zinc; and INRA’s Dr Jean-Yves Dourmand on stochastic models for improving efficiency.

Premier Nutrition’s Mick Hazzledine and the AHDB’s Nigel Penlington will address the impact of N and P restricting legislation on feed formulation; the SRUC’s Dr Simon Turner will speak on factors affecting pig aggression; and RUMA’s John FitzGerald will conclude proceedings with an update on UK progress in reducing antibiotic usage in pigs.

More details and tickets from SFT secretary John Davies via: or tel: 01432 820912.