Kleffmann Group, the German multinational agricultural market research agency, has restructured its consulting division under the amis (agricultural marketing information system) AgriGlobe brand. It says the move follows the need to meet increasingly complex client needs for aggregated market data services for the global crop protection and seed markets.

The business says the newly established amis AgriGlobe agricultural input market trend information and consulting unit will be managed by Dr Bob Fairclough as director and team leader.  He will lead a team of researchers and data analysts to develop a comprehensive portfolio of information products, based on the amis AgriGlobe database of high quality data from over 75 countries, corresponding to over 95% of the global crop protection market. 

Dr Fairclough will oversee two sub teams – the Analytical team and the Team of Excellence (ToE). The Analytical team will be led by Dr Puran Mal, who joined Kleffmann in 2015 as a data support analyst experiences in analysing and aggregating global input data. The team has five dedicated analysts managing the AgriGlobe database and performing customised desk research and forecast studies.

The ToE will be headed by Dr Fairclough, specialising in global crop protection and seeds, alongside Burkhard Kleffmann, an expert on global crop protection and seeds; Marcio Farah on the Latin American agricultural markets; Dr Björn Neumann on the European agricultural markets with a special focus on seeds; and David Soorholtz on the North American agricultural markets with expertise on animal health. The team will be able to inform presentations on agricultural topics for conferences.    

“I am sure that with the new structure, we can serve our customers better at an executive level and share our knowledge by representing Kleffman Group at global conferences,” says Dr Fairclough.