Suppliers of professional use rodenticides to pest controllers, farmers and gamekeepers must register with BASIS Registration by the end of December 2017 in order to comply with the new UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime Point-of-Sale audit process.

This requires rodenticide authorisation holders to ensure UK sellers of their professional use products pass the BASIS point of sale audit, and maintain this standard for the future. Audits will be carried out by independent assessors for BASIS, starting from this February.  Initial audits will be completed by November 30th 2018 and then repeated annually.

The rule applies to all trade and retail premises as well as to internet channels. For sellers already enrolled in the BASIS Stores Inspection scheme, the 2018 cost is £30 per outlet. For rodenticide sellers new to the scheme, the cost per outlet is £176.

Failure to comply will result in the seller no longer being allowed to sell professional use rodenticides with effect from the end of 2018. Authorisation holders are ultimately accountable for ensuring that all resellers of professional use rodenticides comply with audit requirements. Failure to do so could result in a referral to Trading Standards and HSE, with consequent restrictions to the authorisations concerned.

The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use is responsible to HSE as the UK Regulatory Authority for rodenticide stewardship implementation. Leader of CRRU’s point-of-sale work group Rupert Broome explains, “The audit process will provide independent verification that the entire supply chain is correctly implementing stewardship point of sale controls.

“This will make a significant contribution to enabling continued access by competent users to professional use rodenticides for the future.”

From BASIS, logistics manager Lindsay Smith-Boam adds that rodenticide point of sale audits are a logical development for the long-established Stores Inspection Scheme. “Existing and new clients of the scheme alike can rest assured that our experience and this audit process will help their business meet stewardship requirements,” she says.

Companies can sign up with BASIS by telephone – 01335 301207 or email –