Trouw Nutrition GB has revised its Maxcare pig premix range to reflect new developments in the understanding of mineral requirements and nutrition, while also reducing mineral loss to the environment.

The entire range now contains generous amounts of antioxidants to support fertility, the immune function and well being, it says. Maxcare pig premixes contain Trouw AO mix, a blend of polyphenols targeted for optimal bioavailability and efficacy in the gut. This also maximises antioxidant status.

Dr Sian Nichols, pig technical manager at Trouw Nutrition, says: “Maxcare pig premixes contain copper and zinc in the unique form of ‘Intellibonds’, providing the trace elements in a more bioavailable form for the animal and so improving utilisation by the pig. Due to their inert nature, they do not react antagonistically with other essential nutrients in the feed, while and trials have demonstrated increased palatability.

“Feeding accuracy is improved due to their exceptional dispersion and stability in premixes.  Their unique crystalline structure has excellent dispersion properties, and they are non-hygroscopic.  As the excretion of metals is reduced, the new Maxcare range has a positive impact on the environment and will help producers meet environmental targets which will become increasingly important.”

Dr Nichols concludes: “All products in the Maxcare minerals are fully balanced for phosphorus and salt for each target age of pig, meaning no further supplementary minerals are needed in the feed. The inclusion of phytase enzymes ensures optimal levels of digestible phosphorus, helping improve mineral and nutrient availability while further reducing environmental impact.”

More information from the Trouw Nutrition GB Technical Dept on 01335 341102.