A report commissioned by the Vegan Society calls for incentives to grow more pulse crops in the UK, alongside a tax on farmed animals to reduce the demand for meat and livestock products. It will be presented to Defra as part of the consultation on a post-Brexit UK agricultural policy

The 40 page Grow Green report is written by the New Economics Foundation, a “new model of think thank” that aims to “build a new economy where people really take control”.

The authors note that beans and pulses are needed as part of a healthy human diet, but that UK self sufficiency in these crops has declined over recent years. For obvious reasons, the study does not examine the role of pulse crops in animal nutrition. It says a shift to more plant proteins could substitute for animal proteins in the human diet, with the expected switch in farm support priorities post-Brexit an opportunity to implement this.

Among other recommendations the report calls for a funded new farm entrant scheme based on a higher proportion of protein crops; a change in public food procurement to buy more plant proteins and a farmed animal tax to “account for the environmental, health and intrinsic losses from animal farming”.

The report also calls for a funded programme of pulse research in the UK – initially paid for by government for the first 10 years, and then through a grower levy. The authors appear to have omitted to google either PGRO or BEPA in their research.

The full report is available via: https://www.vegansociety.com/sites/default/files/Grow%20Green%202%20Full%20Report.pdf