The AHDB Recommended Lists (RLs) for cereals and oilseeds 2018/19 feature 22 new varieties – five each for winter wheat, winter barley and winter oilseed rape; three spring barleys and spring oat varieties and a single winter oat. The lists see the removal of 27 varieties, a third of them rapeseeds, that are now outclassed in terms of yield, disease resistance and/or quality by the new additions.


All the new wheats listed are nabim Group 3 and 4 types. Elicit (Elsoms Wheat) joins G3 with high yield (103% of controls) and disease resistance, particularly for Septoria tritici with a 6.4 score – the highest in G3 and in the top 7 of all varieties on the RL. It is UKS for export.

The AHDB notes that the UK biscuit wheat area has become “worryingly low” in recent years, with lower bread milling premiums creating an opportunity for more G3 wheats.

The new G4s are the soft wheats Elation (Elsoms Wheat) and KWS Jackal (KWS-UK) for the North; and the hard types Gleam (Syngenta) and RGT Gravity (RAGT Seeds).

Five varieties leave the RL – the G1 Gallant; Group 3s Britannia and Claire; and G4 Belgrade and Relay.

There are no new spring wheat recommendations, but Tybalt (G2) is removed from the RL.


There are two new winter malting barleys and 3 feed varieties.

Electrum and Coref (both Syngenta) are two-row malting varieties that are still under test with maltsters, while KWS Astaire is a six-row conventional feed type; with Belmont and Libra (both Syngenta) six-row feed hybrids.

The Flagon malting variety and six-row hybrid feed type Volume leave the RL.

The three new spring barleys are all malting varieties – LG Diablo, LG Tomahawk (Limagrain UK) and RGT Asteroid are all under test for malt distilling, with Diablo and Asteroid also being tested for brewing.

The malting varieties Belgravia, Dioptric, LG Opera, Octavia and Odyssey are all removed.



The winter oat RGT Southwark is added to the RL, with no varieties removed

There is one new spring oat – Delfin (Saaten Union), a husked variety, with two naked oat varieties, Oliver and Kamil (both Trevor Cope Seeds), added to the descriptive list. The husked oat Atego is removed from the RL.



Oilseed Rape

The winter rapeseed varieties are now presented as a single UK table, rather than on a regional basis, but with regional recommendations highlighted.

Architect, a restored hybrid TuYV resistant variety (Limagrain UK) is a new addition suitable for the whole UK, while Amalie (replaced by Architect) and Troy are removed.

Elevation,  Broadway (both DLF), Kielder (Elsoms), and Butterfly (KWS)   are all conventional varieties recommended for the North Region, with DK Explicit, DK Extentiel (Dekalb) and PT234 dropped from the list

There are no new varieties for the East/west region, but nine are removed from this category – Incentive, Picto, Angus, Arazzo, Popular, Harper, Trinity, Fencer and SY Harnas (which remains listed for the North).

Two varieties are added to the spring oilseed rape descriptive list – Lumen (DSV) and Axana (Grainseed).           

The full RL tables are available at: