The Agri-Food Chain Coalition (AFCC), comprising 13 EU agri-food chain trade associations, used its recent conference in Brussels to call on the European institutions to promote innovation and resource efficiency to help meet the sustainable intensification drive towards increased world food output and security.

“In order to meet society’s increasing demand to balancing productivity with environmental protection, European farmers are under increasing pressure to produce the safe, healthy and affordable food for 500 million consumers in a resource efficient and climate friendly manner,” noted MEP Czeslaw Adam Siekierski, opening the event. “While such societal expectations are fully understandable, it is incumbent upon policymakers to create an environment where new technologies and innovation are embraced. Without these elements, European farmers will not be able to meet the global challenges of feeding a growing population while safeguarding natural resources”.

AFCC chair Roxane Feller added: The European agri-food sector is committed to go for the transition to a resource-efficient and ultimately regenerative circular economy. We firmly believe that future jobs and competitiveness in the sector are dependent on our ability to do more with less.

“The AFCC calls on the EU institutions to ensure innovation is at the heart of EU agri-food policy making, and to provide mechanisms fostering growth, investment, and innovation in the EU agri-food sector which will enable us to use resources more efficiently and sustainably.”