Mole Valley Farmers has launched its own brand of protected fat, branded Mole Mega-Fat Multi, which it says will cost-effectively optimise milk fat percentage and yield.

The new product was designed in partnership with dairy fats specialist Dr Adam Lock of Michigan State University and Dr John Newbold from Volac. It includes a combination of C16:0 and C18:1 fatty acids.

Mole Mega-Fat Multi is a simple and cost-effective alternative for dairy farmers who usually feed C16 and a protected fat separately, claims Mole Valley Farmers. The company says it could also support farmers who wish to increase milk fat yield whilst maintaining cow body condition. Mole Mega-Fat Multi is usually fed at 400g to 600g per cow per day, and the Mole Valley Farmers team of nutritionists is available to advise on incorporating the product into a dairy ration using the Precision Nutrition ration programme.

“The optimum combination of these specific fats drives yield, supports cow body condition and drives milk fat, which is an increasingly important component of milk contract requirements,” advises Dr Chris Bartram, Mole Valley Farmers’ head of nutrition. “All farmers should carefully consider whether feeding fat is the best strategy for their farm and should ensure it is incorporated into a well-balanced diet in order to get the maximum return on investment.”

More information on Mole Mega-Fat Multi from the Alternative Feeds team on 01566 780261.