Forage specialist Germinal is offering plantain as an option in herbage seed mixtures. The company says that adding plantain can boost home-grown protein production. The plantain variety Tonic is available in several of Germinal’s products, including Aber HSG 3 Long Term Grazing, its biggest selling mixture.

Ben Wixey, national agricultural sales manager at Germinal GB, comments: “Plantain is a broad-leaved perennial forage herb that produces high yields of palatable dry matter rich in protein and key minerals. It is particularly well suited to rotational grazing systems, providing rapid regrowth post-grazing. Its strong and substantial root structure makes it tolerant of drought conditions, and Tonic is known to have a diuretic effect that firms up the dung and reduces dagging as a consequence.

“Tonic is currently the outstanding variety available, having been widely researched and with proven ability to boost liveweight gain in lambs or beef cattle and milk production in dairy cows. It is particularly beneficial for supporting milk production in ewes in the spring and, due to its palatability, offers lambs an early opportunity to develop rumen function.”

For more information on plantain and its availability, see Germinal’s Forage Seed 2018 catalogue and its online guide to plantain at