Bluestar Adisseo has acquired Nutriad in a deal that further consolidates the international feed additive market. The Adisseo Group says the move is in line with its strategy to become a world leader of specialty additives for animal nutrition.

French multinational Adisseo, the world’s largest producer of methionine among other feed additives, was acquired by The Bluestar Group, a subsidiary of ChemChina, in 2006. Nutriad, established more than 50 years ago, is based in Belgium with a presence in more than 80 country markets. It manufactures feed supplements to improve palatability, mycotoxin management and digestive performance – largely for pigs and poultry, but also for the ruminant and aquaculture sectors.

Nutriad’s annual turnover is $100 million, while Adisseo has sales of some €1.43 billion. Adisseo says the combination of the two businesses will enable a “strong worldwide franchise leveraging on complementary strengths – Nutriad’s product range, the species addressed, and its target markets are highly complementary to Adisseo’s and will offer even more value to customers”.

The Adisseo Group has seven R&D centres in Europe and China, while Nutriad has four laboratories and five manufacturing facilities in Europe, the US and China.

 “The acquisition of Nutriad supports our ambition for accelerating growth of our specialties business,” states Adisseo chief executive Jean-Marc Dublanc. “Together, we will set up an efficient organization to strengthen our global product portfolio’s competitiveness and its overall efficiency. We will also mutually benefit from respective strengths in global commercial coverage for product registration, sales, marketing and worldwide distribution network, with combined sales in more than 100 countries.”

Nutriad chief executive Erik Visser adds: “We are excited to become part of Adisseo because both companies are driven by the same ambition – to deliver the most innovative and practical feed solutions to our customers.  We are proud of what we have achieved in recent years, as Nutriad is growing rapidly across species and geographies. By combining our strengths with those of Adisseo, we can jointly accelerate success for our customers.”