The Allflex Group of animal identification businesses has changed its name to Antelliq in order to better reflect its move into wider animal intelligence services. 

The French multinational is the parent company to livestock brands Allflex and SCR; aquaculture’s Biomark and the Sure Petcare companion animal microchip business. These trading names are unchanged.

 “Our unique group has evolved from a livestock identification company into an animal intelligence company, creating world-class devices for animal identification and traceability; pioneering monitoring solutions; and delivering smart data products and services,” says Antelliq chief executive Dr Stefan Weiskopf.  “Antelliq is a statement of our ambition to be the world’s leading animal intelligence group, dedicated to connecting animals and people for a smarter future.”

The company can trace its roots back to New Zealand in the 1950s, before being bought by the French company SFII in 1989. Since then it has expanded by acquisition and the development of electronic identification and data collection systems. With bases in France, the UK and the US, it now has 24 production sites in 21 countries across five continents, and a presence in 100 country markets.