Livestock identification specialist Allflex has launched SenseTime Beef, a new heat detection and health monitoring system for beef cattle, onto the UK market.

The system uses established technology to measure activity and rumination, two major performance indicators in beef cows. Farmers can use this information to identify when individual cows are in heat, and to detect health conditions that could affect productivity and performance.

SenseTime Beef uses the same hardware as the dairy version of SenseTime, with a choice of neck collars or ear tags. It can be used in herds with AI or natural breeding programmes, and is accessible via a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or dedicated SenseTime Panel. As well as highlighting the best time to use the bull or inseminate beef cows, the system can use heat and pregnancy records to indicate a bull’s fertility performance. It can also point out non-cycling or anoestrus cows to help reduce the number of “empty” cows in a herd. The system is also easy to upgrade as herds expand, Allflex suggests, as each control box acts as its own data server and antenna capable of communicating with up to 1,000 tags. For each additional 1,000 animals, upscaling the system means adding an extra plug-and-play control box.

Paul Westaway, Europe, Mid East and Africa commercial manager at Allflex, says: “The primary aim of the new SenseTime Beef system is to enable beef farmers to produce more calves by reducing their herd’s calving interval. SenseTime Beef has proven to be exceptionally accurate in terms of its ability to reliably highlight the first heat post-calving, thereby enabling herd managers to get cows back into calf as soon as possible

“Improving the productivity and profitability of modern, commercial beef businesses is all about having actionable, accurate and up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips. By monitoring activity and rumination in tandem, SenseTime Beef is able to provide a detailed insight into the herd’s prevailing health, nutrition and reproductive status, thereby enabling herd managers to make informed, meaningful and impactful management decisions to bring real benefits to the herd’s breeding programme and the farm’s profitability.”