The latest edition of the John Nix Pocketbook is now on sale. As ever, it contains information on different sectors, covering gross margins and overheads, along with ideas for diversification and making more successful use of farm resources. While Professor Nix died in March this year, his Pocketbook lives on, helping farmers, students and agribusiness professionals make the best of the agricultural industry.

Graham Redman, author of the John Nix Pocketbook, says: “Some farmers are doing an outstanding job, and every farmer should strive to be, and remain in that category as it may become harder to farm profitably in coming years; we just don’t know, so to understand your business to maximise its potential is imperative.”

The message of the latest Pocketbook is: “As the clock ticks towards the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and we await details of new agricultural policy and trade, UK farmers are preparing for change. Not knowing whether it will become harder or easier to farm profitably makes it more important than ever that farmers take greater control of the management of their business.”

The farming outlook for 2019 is mixed, suggests the Pocketbook. Some sectors, mostly in the arable side of farming, look brighter than for 2018. Some sectors are seeing output prices rise, but costs are also climbing, making it challenging to retain the additional income as profit.

“Prices change very quickly in either direction, reminding us of the volatility of commodity markets and therefore how carefully such businesses need to be managed,” says Mr Redman. “It is also notable that even where output values are rising, often the costs are rising at a faster rate, putting additional pressure on farm profitability.”

The John Pocketbook is priced at £28.00 +P&P. Visit to order a copy, view the contents and examine some sample pages of the book.

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