Monogastric feed manufacturer ABN is to extend its industry scholarship placement scheme, already established over four years in the pig sector, to include poultry production.

The initiative, in partnership with Harper Adams University, seeks two students to complete a twelve month paid industry scholarship placements each, one in poultry and one focussing on pigs. The £16,500 placements will combine on-farm and an ABN business experience, so the participants gain a view of every aspect of the industry. The first six months of day-to-day operations on a working farm will be split across two different units, before they move into the ABN business for the remaining months to gain experience in customer support, nutrition and formulation activities.

There will also be the opportunity for the students to work with other companies within the AB Agri group, to broaden their understanding of the industry as a whole.

“We are delighted to be once again running the pig placement for students from Harper Adams University to get a head start in their careers,” says ABN head of commercial Danny Johnson. “This year, we’re excited to be launching a new opportunity that focuses on the poultry industry too. We are looking for team players and innovative thinkers, with good organisational skills and time management.

“In return, successful applicants will experience an invaluable year which will build their knowledge of the pig and poultry industries and key business competencies, as well as gain vital experience which is so sought after in the increasingly competitive graduate job market.”

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