The NFU has welcomed the extension of Article 50 to October 31st agreed between the EU and UK last week, but calls for longer term certainty for farm and rural businesses.

“The fact that the UK will not be leaving the EU without a deal on April 12th avoids the catastrophic impacts this would have had on Britain’s food and farming businesses,” says NFU president Minette Batters.

“However, farming, like all businesses, requires long-term planning. While this extension will provide some relief in the short-term, it remains the case that farmers and growers are still left with no certainty about the future. This is having real-world business impacts right now, with investment on hold and essential jobs remaining unfilled.

“Government and Parliament must ensure that our departure from the EU is an orderly one – it is crucial that this extension is used constructively and avoids the UK being in the same position in October.”