Figures from the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) show that in March, UK registrations of agricultural tractors (over 50hp) were down on a year earlier for the sixth month in a row.

A total of 1,557 units were registered in March this year, a fall of 5.6% compared with March 2018. The number of registrations for the year to date was 2,667 units, a drop of 9% compared with the first quarter of 2018.

The AEA points out that the March 2019 total was in line with the average of the previous five years for this month. But it follows an even bigger slowdown for January and February 2019, leading to the steep Q1 fall.

AEA analysts say the slowdown in tractor registrations this year is likely to be partly due to Brexit uncertainty having an impact on farmers’ willingness to invest in new machines in the short-term. Given delivery lead times, this could continue to affect registrations in future months, even if the uncertainty is resolved quickly.