A group of European livestock production and processing bodies has established a new online platform to promote a more positive and balanced image of the sector and its contribution to society, against a background of increasing attack.

European Livestock Voice includes the EU farmer organisation Copa Cogeca, FEFAC the feed trade body, FEFANA for feed additives and AnimalhealthEurope among eleven farm animal and meat industry associations.

The group observes that the debate over meat and livestock has “become dominated by interest groups who only want to spread myths and radical views about livestock farming on social media and in the press. But these myths and opinions end up portraying a picture that is in stark contrast with the reality experienced and lived every day by thousands of European farmers and professionals working with them on the ground.

“These debates have strong impacts on the views of European consumers on the role of animal products in their choice of lifestyle and they push the livestock sector into an extremely defensive corner.”

European Livestock Voice intends to act jointly to restore balance and factual information on both the impact and the contribution of the European livestock sector, through an information hub and online portal to review the accuracy of the most frequently made statements about livestock production, consumption and its benefits.

The platform emphasises that EU livestock farming is based on diversified, local and family farm businesses and forms the backbone of the EU’s rural areas. The sector supports a great number of jobs and industries and contributes to the circular EU bioeconomy, while also ensuring a steady and affordable supply of safe and nutritious food and other products needed for Europe’s cultural and creative industries.

Without livestock farming, Europe would lose its pastures, organic fertilizers, green energy and many other essential raw materials while experiencing a rural exodus. At the same time, there would be more reliance on imported animal products, with less control over production standards and more harm to the environment.

The #MeattheFacts platform is now online at https://meatthefacts.eu