The euro exchange rate for calculating Basic Payment Scheme payments for the 2019 year has been confirmed by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) at €1 = £0.89092.

It is marginally down on the 2018 rate of €1 = £0.89281 and the 2017 rate of €1 = £0.89470.

Legislation controls the conversion rate, which is the average of the European Central Bank exchange rates set across the month of September.

The RPA is due to make full payments on BPS 2019 claims from December 1st, with funds paid directly into claimant bank accounts by BACS transfer.

The current government guaranteed to maintain current farm support levels at CAP levels until 2022, assuming the current administration lasts until then. But the Agriculture Bill that sets out the framework for a new “public goods for public money” support system post-Brexit is stuck in Parliament’s legislative process.

The Bill has not been debated for a year and was assumed to have been lost until the Supreme Court rescinded the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament until the Queen’s Speech.