The Marine Ingredients Organisation (IFFO – formerly the International Fishmeal and Fishoils Organisation) has rebranded its Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS). The standard is now to be known as the MarinTrust – a change that both emphasises its independence and makes it more recognisable around the world, say directors.

IFFO RS was launched in 2009 to demonstrate and certify the industry’s commitment to the responsible sourcing and safe production of raw materials. This was a response to growing public concern over the sustainability of ocean fishing. The ISO accredited standard now covers over half the fish meals and fish oils produced around the world.

In 2014, the IFFO RS standard was separated from the Organisation and now has its own governance structure, articles, purposes and budget under the MarinTrust – “a business-to-business independent third-party-audited certification programme that aims to champion best practices within the marine ingredients industry. It allows producers of marine ingredients to demonstrate that their raw materials are responsibly sourced and marine ingredients are responsibly produced,” says the Trust.

Rebranding IFFO-RS as MarinTrust with its own logo is the final step in the campaign started in 2014 to make the certification programme a fully separate entity. In addition, the MarinTrust brand will be better understood outside of the English-speaking world, which is crucial for a worldwide standard holder that is ambitious to expand in Asia, Central America, the Middle East and Africa.

“While maintaining a close relationship with our founders at IFFO, we want to protect the credibility of certificate holders,” explains MarinTrust executive chair Libby Woodhatch. “The rebranding campaign underpins our ambition to continue growing and tackling the existing challenges such as multi-species fishery management and impacts of the fishmeal industry on local communities.”