Plant Protection Products distributor and agronomy services business Agrovista is grouping its targeted crop bioscience products within a new Innovation Range, in a move to help growers understand their potential better.

Products in the Innovation Range include established amino acid-based biostimulants Terrasorb and Equilibrium, alongside two new products: Klorofill and 3ALO t6p. The portfolio targets three key areas: water and nutrient uptake; solar conversion; and relocating sugars.

To boost water and nutrient uptake, Terrasorb provides plants with 18 essential ready-made amino acids in the naturally active L form, resulting in increased root and shoot biomass, as well as improved energy usage and stress tolerance. This equates to a stronger and more robust crop, and a positive yield response. Equilibrium is also aimed at this area. It is a dual-purpose biostimulant for high-value crops such as potatoes that improves the consistency of marketable yield.

Klorofill is a keto acid-based crop enhancer that boosts chlorophyll production through effective solar conversion. It can maximise green leaf area at times of rapid growth, such as flag leaf stage. To improve the relocation of sugars within a crop, 3ALO t6p balances carbohydrates, including sucrose, to maximise seed and grain filling. This results in improved stress management and optimises yield potential.

Agrovista’s head of research and development Craig Morgan, comments: “With so many bioscience products available, it can be difficult to understand what they each offer and how they benefit the grower. To counter this, our new Innovation Range breaks down each product to understand its mode of action and then targets that against a specific stage of crop development.

“This means each product supports a specific outcome, whether that’s maximising chlorophyll production at flag leaf, or mitigating stress during high energy periods such as establishment. It’s this refreshed approach that we believe will inspire positive change and new ways of thinking, proving that used correctly, biostimulants and bioscience can demonstrate a valid return on investment.”

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