The AIC reports continued progress with remote auditing for its AIC Services suite of agri-supply assurance schemes in response to the Covid-19 restrictions and anticipates that the facility will be available permanently.

Remote auditing of compliance has now been in place for over a month, and most participants have adopted the new technology, it reports.

The certification and audit bodies have trained their auditors in remote auditing, which the AIC says has aided the smooth transition. Participating companies have deposited audit information in the relevant on-line portal and have taken part in video conference calls. In some cases, they have allowed a live video stream on site. The competent authorities have also welcomed this approach and have been fully informed of the progress that is being made.

AIC Services says it continues to monitor the government’s phased approach to the end of lockdown and will review the auditing procedure in line with any changes that are announced. However, the AIC anticipates that the adoption of these new methods will be fully integrated in the audit programme in the future.

“The adoption of new technology by participants and auditors has been incredible and will allow the standards of the industry to be maintained in these challenging times,” comments John Kelley, managing director of AIC Services.