Angus, Scotland-based precision farming business SoilEssentials has announced a new partnership with Elveden Estates, the major vegetable and potato-growing business based on the Suffolk/Norfolk border in East Anglia.

SoilEssentials and Elveden will work together using Tuberzone and Tuberzone CropCast to better manage potato crops for optimum size distribution and crop value, thus reducing food waste. The Tuberzone suite of applications uses data and not physical inputs to improve potato crops, and so is an environmental win-win.

SoilEssentials developed these products over five years with the help of The James Hutton Institute and through an InnovateUK project, Tuberzone. The model has now run successfully all over the world, from China to the US, from Scotland to New Zealand.

SoilEssentials and Elveden continue to work together, along with Agri-EPI Centre, on other projects to improve sustainable production through multiple sources, including hardware products, drone flying and the SoilEssentials’ KORE online precision farming platform.

“SoilEssentials’ Tuberzone and Tuberzone CropCast will allow Elveden to predict potato crop yields, size distribution and crop value weekly through the season, optimise the potato crop output, while reducing food waste,” says Ed Walsh of SoilEssentials.

“We have a never-ending quest for knowledge improvement which is key to our business goals of not being satisfied with how we produce food today,” adds Andrew Francis, farms director at Elveden. “We must embed best practice in everything we do, but we must also use knowledge, technology and innovation to look forward to doing a better job tomorrow. Partnerships with companies such as SoilEssentials and organisations like the Agri-EPI Centre are key to helping us learn more and learn faster.”