German multinational BASF has acquired a precision livestock software company for its Animal Nutrition business. The business unit manufactures and supplies vitamins and carotenoids to the feed sector alongside trace element, enzyme and organic acid feed additives. The company describes the deal as a milestone in its efforts to advance as a leading ingredients and solutions provider for the livestock sector.

BASF has bought Cloudfarms, a software company specialising in livestock farm management, traceability and precision farming, particularly aimed at pig production. The Slovakian company, with its headquarters in Bratislava, was established in 2013 and now supplies its services in 37 countries.

The company’s livestock farm management system allows producers to manage, track and analyse production data in real-time and harness it digitally to gain insights into performance, raise efficiency and sustainability, while informing wider supply chains.

“Cloudfarms enables producers around the world to continuously improve the efficiency and productivity of complex farming operations. Digital transformation in livestock production contributes to the growing demand for safe and nutritious food at affordable prices, while increasing profitability for farmers and reducing environmental impacts,” says Julia Raquet, senior vice president BASF Animal Nutrition & Aroma Ingredients.

“Combining Cloudfarms’ digital capabilities with BASF’s scientific expertise in animal nutrition and sustainability is a game changer for our business and the next-generation farming for livestock producers,” she continues. “This acquisition strengthens our commitment to address the global challenge of a sustainable food system for the growing world population, enabled by digital technologies.”

Jens Toppenberg, co-founder and managing director of Cloudfarms, adds: “BASF and Cloudfarms share the vision of developing a digital ecosystem in the global livestock sector to foster traceability, sustainability and precision livestock farming. We are very excited about the valuable prospects this partnership will bring to livestock producers around the world.”