Mark Brightmore, key account manager for ForFarmers’ Broiler range for the last five years, is to move into a new role as ForFarmers’ business support specialist, offering expert on-farm support to broiler producers.

In his new post, Mr Brightmore will provide additional support and expert guidance to ensure broiler producers make the most of the company’s Apollo broiler feeding range and associated support services. He will provide feedback throughout the ForFarmers’ account management, nutrition and technical teams to continually improve the diets and health of broilers as broiler genetics advance.

ForFarmers says it developed this new role when it recognised the need to provide hands-on, on-farm support, not only to help broiler customers improve performance but also to provide a link between the customer and its account management and technical development teams

Mr Brightmore will also help his customers trial a new performance app that ForFarmers is developing. The app aims to give daily feedback and real-time tracking whilst monitoring performance against breed standards. It will also report any issues as they arise, which will enable Mr Brightmore to pinpoint any support requirements.