Embion Technologies, a Greek food tech business seeking to reduce wastage, has launched an animal feed prebiotic product that is manufactured from brewers’ spent grains.

Prembion is a hydrolysate, a source of active nutrients manufactured from brewers’ spent grains – the co-product of the brewing industry usually used an animal feed or fuel. Embion claims that the bioactive peptides and amino acids in Prembion bring additional biological benefits to livestock, with supporting in vivo and in vitro trials carried out by its research partners.

The company says that positive change in intestinal microbiota can affect the growth performance of production animals including broilers. It claims that the complex prebiotics that it extracts under the Prembion umbrella can meet the challenge of a growing demand for antibiotic-free farming, while enabling higher performance. In addition, it claims Prembion can save 8.5 tons of CO2 emissions for every 1 tonne of prebiotics.

Georgios Savoglidis, co-founder and CEO of Embion, says “Unique fingerprint products, such as our first patented product Prembion, are the future of the high potential prebiotic ingredients market for microbiome modulation. They provide solutions for the growing demand for antibiotic-free farming against a background of antimicrobial resistance. Embion’s rapid prototyping platform technology catalyses innovation that is essential for building this market.”

For more information about Embion, see the website at: https://embiontech.com/