Cargill’s UK pig team has a new member, Jason Evans. Mr Evans joins the team as technical sales manager, bringing 30 years of experience in the UK pig production industry to his new post.

Mr Evans spent 20 years managing pig units for Midland Pig Producers before joining the supply sector with sales roles in pig genetics for Hermitage AI; feed additives for Alltech and a pigs and IPPC farm assurance scheme manager with NSF.

In his new role, Mr Evans will be based at home in Staffordshire and will support Cargill key accounts and the UK pig sales team.

Commenting on his new job, Mr Evans says: “I’m especially enthusiastic about pig nutrition and improving performance through better diets and feeding management. Feed accounts for 70% of pig production costs, so if we improve feed conversion rates then overall unit efficiency and profitability will improve.” He is also aware of the importance of feed utilisation, stating: “It’s even more important that we monitor and measure our feed efficiency and look to make the necessary dietary improvements, both for the unit’s well-being and for the sustainability of the whole sector.”