As part of its work to promote the responsible use of crop protection chemicals and reduce the threat of key active ingredients being lost into water courses, Adama Agricultural Solutions is urging growers and their agronomists to consider how and when they apply slug pellets. In addition, they should ensure all spreading equipment is properly maintained and calibrated before pellets are applied.

The company points out that in order to enable accurate pellet application, all spreading equipment should be calibrated in accordance with the machinery manufacturer’s recommendations so that they produce an even and accurate spreading pattern.

Adama suggests that there are two golden rules for applying pellets: apply only after slug populations have reached threshold and only when weather conditions are appropriate. It advises that slug pellets should not be applied immediately before heavy rain as this can lead to rapid degradation and increases the risk of active ingredients being leached in water courses.

In order to mitigate this problem, Adama recommends its Gusto® IRON, a 2.94% ferric phosphate molluscicide that is manufactured using Desidro two-stage drying technology. This microwaves the wet-processed pellets to dry them from the inside before using a convection heater to gently dry the exterior, which Adama claims ensures an ideal balance between persistence and palatability.

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