Independent plant breeder Elsoms has appointed Stephanie Bevis as its organics manager, a role that expands Elsoms’ vegetable sales team and gives more focus to the sector.

Ms Bevis has a background in the organic fresh produce industry and Elsoms says her understanding of this market will be key in ensuring that the UK will have access to Elsoms’ wide organic range.

The company is placing a larger emphasis on organics, and Ms Bevis will run more variety demonstration trials throughout the UK. These trials will give growers access to the best genetics for the UK market, and will help them feed in to and steer the breeding programmes run by Bejo, Elsoms’ Dutch partner company.

Bejo has a portfolio in organics and a strong breeding programme that has been developed over 20 years. Ms Bevis will be the main point of contact between UK growers and the organic specialists at Bejo and will help drive the variety selection from this portfolio that will benefit UK growers.

Justin Solly, head of vegetable seed sales at Elsoms, says: “This position shows the dedication that Elsoms has to this sector. We recognise that this is a unique sector and our aim is to be at the forefront. Steph’s appointment shows how important this sector is to us.”