LG Seeds has revised and extended its Maize Manager app so it can be used to help growers and their agronomists with decision making at all the key stages of the crop.

The company says Maize Manager, which is subdivided into four sections, is designed to be quick and easy to use. The Harvest Manager section assesses the condition of the crop and advises on target harvest date to ensure the crop is cut at the optimum dry matter to maximise feed values and fermentation quality. If harvest is not imminent, the app uses postcode-related weather data to predict when the crop will be suitable for harvest.

The Maturity Manager and Feed Manager sections provide a decision support to selecting the most appropriate variety for a given farm. The Maturity Manager section uses Ontario Heat Unit data to provide a recommended FAO range, from which varieties can be chosen to be successfully grown at the farm’s postcode.

The Feed Manager tool is a new concept that assesses varieties on their expected financial return per hectare, using yield and energy content data to compare varieties with the average based on anticipated milk income, or gas output where used as feedstock for anaerobic digestion. The final section is the Sowing Manager, which gives a recommended seed rate and calculates the number of seed bags required for the hectarage to be drilled.

“Decisions about which variety to grow, the appropriate seed rate and the optimum harvest date greatly influence the return on investment in a maize crop and our new app will help farmers make the best decisions, whether they’re growing for forage or AD,” says Tim Richmond, LG maize manager UK and Ireland. “By improving the precision of harvest timing, the app will help growers maximise the value of the crop they have grown and improve their return on investment.”.

Maize Manager is available from the Apple and Google Play stores. More information via www.maizemanager.com.