The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) board has elected Angela Booth as its new chair for the next two-year term. She succeeds Andrew McShane of Hutchinsons in the role.

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Ms Booth, currently director of feed safety at AB Agri, has many years of experience in the UK and European industries. She spent eight years as chair of the AIC’s Feed Executive Committee, chaired the FEFAC Feed Safety Committee and was a member of the Food Standards Agency’s Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs.

“I’m delighted to be elected as chair of the AIC Board, an organisation which continues to act as the leading voice for the UK agrisupply industry,” she says. “We are facing unprecedented change in our industry, making AIC’s role as the leading voice for agrisupply trade members more vital than ever.

“AIC’s members are key in supporting arable and livestock producers with their extensive knowledge and expert guidance. As it becomes more important than ever to both produce food efficiently and manage our natural resources, AIC will be a strong voice for its members in discussions with government, NGOs and relevant bodies both in and outside the UK.”

AIC chief executive Robert Sheasby adds: “Angela has been a key figure at the AIC, promoting members’ interests across the UK agriculture industry, and I’m delighted she will continue this in her new role as chair.

“As the agriculture sector continues to face a growing number of challenges and opportunities in the coming years, we need the insight and forward vision of leaders like Angela who will provide AIC members with a strong voice and informed outlook. II look forward to working closely with her in demonstrating the agrisupply sectors absolutely pivotal role in the UK’s increasingly sustainable food supply chain.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew McShane for his huge contribution over the last two years. He has been an unswerving support, providing the board with a clear and concise vision as we have navigated through the implications of EU Exit and, more recently, Covid-19.”