Cattle and pig breeding multinational Genus is collaborating with a UK agricultural-biotechnology company to access gene-editing techniques in its research and development.

Genus is working with Tropic Biosciences, based at the Norwich Research Park, to explore how Tropic’s proprietary Gene Editing induced Gene Silencing (GEiGS) technology could be used in livestock genetics to accelerate genetic improvement and reduce animal disease and suffering.

Tropic is already collaborating with BASF over using the platform to advance crop pest and disease resistance. Genus has used gene editing techniques to develop a line of PRRSv resistant pigs, although regulators have yet to approve these for commercialisation.

Genus and Tropic say the latest collaboration will see the two businesses design, investigate and develop new products for a number of applications over the coming years.

“We are excited to work with Tropic Biosciences and explore the application of new technologies to improve the sustainability of protein production,” says Genus’ chief scientific officer Elena Rice.

For Tropic Biosciences, chief commercial officer Jack Peart adds: “Our collaboration with Genus represents an exciting new partnership with a world leader in animal genetic improvement. We look forward to working with the Genus team to explore the potential of GEiGS in addressing critical disease challenges in the livestock space.”