Paul Mardell, who joined Carr’s Billington Agriculture as technical manager for the Midlands and South regions earlier this year, has been elected as chairman of the British Sheep Dairying Association (BSDA).

In addition to visiting CBA client farms to advise on improving beef, sheep or dairy productivity, Mr Mardell also runs a flock of 450 dairy ewes on his Warwickshire farm. He is also part of the Sheep Milk UK Co-operative with over 40 members, all of whom want to raise the profile of sheep milk products.

Mr Mardell is passionate about dairy sheep, and his enthusiasm for the benefits of ewes’ milk has led to his new position with the BSDA. “Sheep milk is high in nutrients, the fat globules are more easily digested and even those who are lactose intolerant may tolerate sheep milk and its products. It’s a niche market though – and very different to cows’ milk – so we can offer some experienced advice to anyone new who wants to get into it.”

Mr Mardell and fellow CBA technical manager and nutritionist Ruth Lawson will be presenting at a webinar this month organised by the National Sheep Association.