Ruminant bolus specialist Agrimin has extended its range of dairy cow boluses with the UK introduction of a new product designed specifically to allow dairy farmers to ensure accurate and effective trace element supplementation throughout the dry and transition period.

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“The All-Trace Dry Cow bolus has been launched in response to demand from farmers looking to benefit for a bolus specifically formulated for the transition period, especially in TMR fed herds where boluses may not have been previously appropriate,” says Annie Williams from the Agrimin technical team. “It has been extensively proven in other global markets for over 12 years to deliver exceptional trace element supply.

“It also incorporates our new mineral release technology – the result of an extensive development project – to ensure an enhanced controlled release of trace minerals over the life of the bolus, when compared to other eroding boluses. It helps avoid peaks and troughs in trace element status, which can have a negative effect on cow performance.”

All-Trace Dry Cow bolus is specifically formulated to meet the increased demand for trace elements in the dairy dry and transition period. It supplies copper, cobalt, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, D3 and E, all of which are crucial in transition cows.

Bolusing can be easily carried out alongside other drying off routines, adds Ms Williams, and the new product will provide a continuous supply of the required daily amount of minerals and vitamins for four months during the dry and transition periods.

“In the past, there wasn’t a bolus that specifically fitted the dry and transition period,” she continues. “The new bolus complements our existing range, meaning farmers can now be confident of cost-effective and accurate supplementation throughout the full production cycle.

“Trace elements in the dry period are critical for calving ease, calf health and the avoidance of metabolic diseases,” Ms Williams concludes. “There is growing evidence that adequacy of trace element supply is linked to improved cow performance through lactation, better fertility and greater calf thrift.”

More information from Ms Williams on or 07702 802993.