Fertiliser manufacturer Yara International has completed a £5.5 million upgrade of its Avonmouth import, storage and distribution terminal. It says the changes will increase productivity, energy efficiency and operational flexibility.

The investment coincides with Yara’s assuming management of the site from a third party. The refurbishment comprises significant upgrades to the fertiliser storage, handling and bagging facilities on the site, with a phased installation process minimising interruptions to fertiliser supplies.

The West Country Port facility at Avonmouth handles the distribution of Yara fertilisers into the Midlands, South West England, South East Wales, and a significant portion of southern England.

“Now we have direct management over the site we have more control over our sustainability measures such as installing low energy lighting on site and investing in the most fuel-efficient handling equipment to reduce emissions,” explains Yara’s regional terminal manager Kevin Soper. “Yara is committed to being sustainable from factory to field.

“Investing in British farming is and always has been a top priority for Yara,” he continues. “This investment in our Avonmouth site reinforces Yara’s commitment to servicing our distributors and farmers in the Avonmouth vicinity.”