Zinpro Corporation has launched a new range of dairy minerals – Availa Dairy – that is designed to make milk production more sustainable by allowing high genetic merit cows to produce to their potential and optimise herd efficiency.

Graham Webster, Zinpro’s regional market manager for Europe and South Africa, says that dairy farmers need to produce more from less resources, while reducing their environmental footprint. Mineral nutrition is fundamental to both efficient milk production and cow health – correct mineral balances minimise milk and growth rate lost to disease and reduce the need for veterinary treatments such as antibiotics.

Availa Dairy is a specific combination of amino acid complexed zinc (40mg/Kg), manganese (20mg/Kg) and copper (3.5mg/Kg) when fed at the recommended level of 0.06% of dry matter intake. The bond to amino acids makes the minerals stable, soluble, absorbable and metabolically available when in the digestive system. Availa comes in granular and liquid formulations to suit different feeding systems.

The trace minerals in Availa-Dairy, where the metal is uniquely bonded to certain amino acids, are absorbed more efficiently than inorganic and low-quality organic minerals which are inactivated in the gut, advises Dr Huw McConochie, dairy nutritionist at Zinpro. Once absorbed, the trace minerals in Availa-Dairy are also metabolized more effectively by the cow.

“By delivering optimal levels of trace minerals that are highly metabolically available, Availa-Dairy gives superior results. In trials it has been shown to increase milk yield by 4%, improve feed efficiency by 8%, significantly support udder and hoof health, and increase reproductive performance.

“These improvements, together with a smoother transition through fewer issues, help to optimise overall herd performance and contribute to a more sustainable milk supply chain. Overall Availa-Dairy can deliver a return on investment of at least 10:1,” Dr McConochie concludes.

More information via: zinpro.com/availa-dairy