Sedamyl is to double production capacity at its plant in Selby, Yorkshire that processes wheat into alcohol and food ingredients.

The Italian agribusiness says the £80 million investment will double sustainable production, add new product lines and increase the market for wheat grown in the region, as well as creating an additional 75 jobs.

Sedamyl first acquired the Selby site, which then housed a decommissioned Tate & Lyle citric acid factory, in a joint venture with French co-operative cereals processor Tereos in 2010. The partners invested £45 million in clearing the site and building a wheat processing plant to produce starch, gluten and alcohol. Opened in 2012, the facility can convert up to 265,000 tonnes of wheat each year into 45 million litres of grain neutral spirit; 16,000 tonnes of gluten; 60,000 tonnes of bran; and 50,000 tonnes of starch.

In late 2019, Sedamyl owner the Frandino family acquired Tereos’ 50% stake in Sedamyl Spa, the joint venture with two wheat processing factories at Selby and in Italy that collectively convert 800,000 tonnes of wheat each year. It is now 100% family owned.

The latest expansion, due to be completed within two years, will increase the facility’s potable alcohol capacity – the distillery expansion is already underway and should complete this autumn. The investment will also enable liquid sweeteners to be made for the first time, with deliveries of these due to start in late 2022.

“This investment plan will enable us to reinforce and grow our position as a leading and sustainable supplier for our customers,” says managing director of Sedamyl UK Elena Frandino. “Supporting Yorkshire farmers is also important to us, and we are proud to say that our wheat is sourced from an average of 60 miles from our North Yorkshire factory, helping us to improve our sustainable practices.

“As a family-run business, we regard this as a signal of our continued commitment to Selby, Yorkshire and the UK. We see enormous opportunities to grow our business here and diversify our product offer.”