Load Monitor is a new automated product that records the average moisture of entire lorry load of grain at the intake of a mill or commercial grain store.

The system, made by Canadian manufacturer Dryer Master, is available in the UK through Kentra, the Yorkshire-based manufacturer of mixed flow grain dryers.

“The sensor is fitted in the grain flow line – for example in a duct where grain passes from the intake pit to an elevator – and as soon as the sensor detects grain flowing across it, Load Monitor automatically starts logging,” explains Kentra managing director Barry Higginbottom.

The finished record includes a consignment identifier and time stamp, with values shown on a colour display that is accessible remotely using a mobile phone and which can be downloaded to enterprise computer records.

“Compared with sampling, using the Dryer Master Load Monitor means tipping incoming consignments can proceed without delay and the moisture reading will be fully representative of the bulk,” Mr Higginbottom adds.

More details from Mr Higginbottom on 01423 326665