Both existing and new pulse crop growers and their advisers can benefit from the Pea and Bean Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) initiatives, backed by a number of trade businesses, advises the Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO).

The Pea and Bean YEN, run by ADAS, is now in its third year. It is open to all organisations, agronomists and farmers aiming to close the gap between current and potential yields.

“Experienced growers or those planting peas and beans for the first time should take advantage of the YEN initiatives and grow their knowledge of these crops,” encourages PGRO chief executive Roger Vickers. “Potential 2020 seed yields in the UK generally exceeded 7 tonnes/ha for peas, 11 tonnes/ha for spring beans and 12 tonnes /ha for winter beans, assuming light soils.

“The valuable role of pulses in the rotation – and the market demand for domestically-produced protein – is being increasingly recognised. We also think pulses fit hand-in-glove with the policy-makers’ environmental ambitions.

“The Pea and Bean YENs are invaluable networks offering expertise and knowledge to empower growers. I would urge anyone interested in increasing their productivity to apply.”

YEN participants receive lab analysis results worth £220-£380; samples of soil and leaf tissue; grab and grain samples analysed for yield components, marketing quality and nutrients; as well as technical support from the PGRO.

In addition, YEN members can access individual crop reports benchmarked against other members; membership of a dedicated WhatsApp group for knowledge sharing; and an invitation to the annual results meeting.

The Pea and Bean YENs are supported by Askew and Barrett, BASF, Dalton Seeds, DTN, De Sangosse, Elsoms Seeds, Hutchinsons, the John Innes Centre, Lancrop Laboratories, LSPB, NRM, and Senova.

For more information, to register, or for details of how to become an official commercial sponsor of Pea YEN 2021 or Bean YEN 2021 visit the website.

Entrant costs per Pea/Bean YEN entry are £250 for individual farmers; sponsored entries for official Pea/Bean YEN 2021 sponsors are £250; and for other organisations: £400. All +VAT.