National agronomy services business Agrii has introduced a new priority autumn seed supply service to ensure its customers have seed of preferred varieties when they need it. It says the service will provide growers across the country with the certainty of early, top-quality certified seed deliveries in an increasingly unpredictable climate.

The Master Seeds Reserved service will see Agrii produce additional volumes of seed crops of the most sought-after winter wheat, oilseed rape, barley and rye varieties seed each year, and store it for processing the following summer and early delivery ahead of autumn drilling.

Agrii says the Master Seeds brand’s rigorous standards of production, storage, testing and quality will ensure that first class seed is combined with the most-timely early season supply.

“More and more of our growers have been deliberately specifying seed from the previous year to make sure they have sufficient supplies of their preferred varieties on farm well-ahead of drilling,” explains Agrii northern seed business manager, Matt Richardson.

“With the extremes of autumn weather we’re getting these days, those on heavy soils, in particular, need all the flexibility they can get to drill as soon as conditions come right. The very last thing they want is any risk of missing their best sowing window through seed crop harvesting delays or quality issues – both of which are becoming increasingly common in our equally extreme summers,” he continues.

“We have developed Reserved Seed to meet this need with the assurance of the highest Master Seeds standards,” explains Mr Richardson. “We currently have a total of 30 winter wheat, oilseed rape, barley and rye varieties available – selected for their popularity and our Sustainability Rating scores.

“We contract extra supplies of these varieties from seed growers; condition and over-winter them in carefully-controlled storage; clean and test them thoroughly in the early summer; then treat them to order so they’re on-farm in June or July. This takes away all the uncertainties over availability, specific weight and delivery timing inevitable with newly harvested seed.

Mr Richardson adds that the initiative will spread the workload of its existing seed plants, while reducing the need for additional capacity to meet the growing demand for early supply – therefore making a positive contribution to industry carbon-saving efforts.

Agrii says Master Seeds Reserved seed can be ordered from the autumn before sowing right up to the first week in July on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. It is available at no extra cost, with the orders confirmed following germination testing and as much flexibility as possible extended to meet changing farm circumstances and needs.